The Geopublisher Software allows you to quickly create digital multimedia atlases and publish them. Visit the demo atlases page to take a look at some publically available atlases or check out the features list to get an impression about the possibilities. Geopublisher in action - editing the IMPETUS Atlas for Morocco and Benin

Start Geopublisher via JavaWebStart

If you have Java 1.7 installed on your computer, you can start Geopublisher right away by clicking one of the launch buttons below. Using the JavaWebStart technology, your version of Geopublisher will automatically check for software updates.

Development version

(preview new functions)
Version 2.0-SNAPSHOT 201403170904
(last changes)

Stable release

(Officially released version)
Version 1.9 201403170926
(last changes)

If you have problems starting Geopublisher via JavaWebStart, see deleting your JavaWebStart cache.


The recommended way to install Geopublisher is to use the "green Buttons". Still you may download Geopublisher as a package from the download page.


If you are interested in Geopublisher, you are very welcome to join the users mailinglist. Your feedback is very important to us, and you can also learn from other users questions and answers. Use this link to join the English speaking mailinglist for Geopublisher und AtlasStyler users.