Geopublisher and AtlasStyler 1.6 Release Notes

On November 8th 2010 we are proud to announce that Geopublisher and AtlasStyler 1.6 have been released:

The following points mark some of the most important new features in version 1.6:


  • Automatic correction of DBF attribute names which do not comply to the standards. This avoids a lot of problems when running the atlas on different/international computer systems.
  • It is now possible to define text labeling classes for each language. This allows e.g. to use one attribute for labeling in Arabic, and another attribute when the atlas is switched to English.
  • Exported atlases smaller
    Atlases export with Geopublisher for distribution on disk (DVD, CD etc.) are now ~10Mb smaller.
  • A Geopublisher user may now switch the GUI/software language independently of the language the atlas data is shown in. So you can keep Geopublisher application in English while you look at the atlas in French.
  • Support for rasters has been improved. GeoTiff stays the preferred raster format. GP and its atlases now support prescaled overviews (pyramids) contained in the GeoTiff (see: gdaladdo) and generally uses less memory while displaying them.
  • A new tab 'Usage' has been added, to show you exactly where a layer is used.
  • Ability to automatically create a ZIP file of an exported DISK atlases.
  • Raster SLD transparency: The raster SLD editor contained in Geopublisher now allows to define the opacity of a color map entry. This makes it easier to define transparent colors for one-band rasters.
  • Geopublisher & AtlasStyler are now translated into: German, French, Italian, Russian (thanks to UralGeoInform) and English. AtlasStyler SLD editor is also available in Turkish.
  • The datapool and mappool can now be filtered by keywords, making the handling of numerous layers easier:
  • Geopublisher now has a Command Line Interface (CLI) and can export atlases from the command-line:
    usage: geopublisher
     -a,--atlas <srcDir>     Folder to load the atlas from (atlas.gpa). The
                             path may not contain spaces!
     -d,--disk               Create DISK version of atlas when exporting.
     -e,--export <dstDir>    exports an atlas to a given directory, combine
                             this option with -f / -d and/or -j. The path may
                             not contain spaces!
     -f,--force              Overwrite any existing files during export.
     -h,--help               print this message.
     -j,--jws                Create JavaWebStart version of atlas when
     -l,--license            Print license information.
     -s,--saveandexit        Save the atlas after loading and exit. This will
                             update atlas.xml to the lastest format.
     -t,--keeptemp           Do not clean temp files, needed if exporting in
     -u,--jwsurl <jnlpUrl>   Set the JNLP export URL specifically, overriding
                             the URL stored in the atlas.xml. Must end with a
     -v,--verbose            Print verbose information while running.
     -z,--zipdisk            Zip the DISK folder after export.



  • The AtlasStyler stand-alone application now has support for WFS! (Mainly tested with Geoserver 2.0.2, and bit with deegree 3).
  • Redesigned the GUI so that dialogs are more compact:
  • The AtlasStyler stand-alone application now has a nicer GUI with an Import Wizard for Shapefiles, PostGIS and WFS. You can maintain a list of PostGIS and WFS servers, so that you don't have to reenter information.
  • When saving .sld files, they are automatically validated against SLD XSD Schema. The user is informed if AS created an unvalidatable SLD file (should not happen).

Under the hood:

  • Nicer command line output and logging, tested in headless environment.
  • Added daily testing versions in repository: geopublisher-testing, atlasstyler-testing and geopublishing-doc-testing are now available in the Debian/Ubuntu repository. They are created  continuously by the build system.
  • A "Mail" button has been added to the error dialog. Feel free to press the button and send the exception message with some comments about what you were doing to us.
  • Automatic cleanup of orphaned directories inside the atlas directory.
  • All demo atlases are now automatically exported and re-published with the latest stable and the testing versions whenever the SVN changes:

If you have any questions/problems/comments please ask them on the mailinglist. Bugs and feature-requests can be reported at the Wald project hosting site.