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A great variety of atlases can be created with Geopublisher. More example atlases can be found here.

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IMPETUS Atlas 2.0

The purpose for the IMPETUS Interactive Digital Atlas (IIDA) arises from the need for publishing basic data and relevant results of the IMPETUS Project in an user friendly way. IIDA was designed as an information system, which enables the visualisation of geo-data in the form of maps with links to explinatory text, graphics and related data. Cartographic multilayer display and overlay functionality can help to understand complex issues and processes. Further results, methods, concepts and case studies are available as PDF documents.

The objective of IIDA is an open access to the information for all interested people, especially for the non-scientific public like local institutions or stakeholders. Internet and CD/DVD provide low-cost media for distribution. IIDA is a product in development with ongoing activities in integrating cartographic layers and presenting new research results.



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Lao Coffee Atlas
analyse coffee as a potential commodity for value chain promotion in Laos

Created by:
Mario Pilz, Dominique Kohn

The objective of the study is to analyse coffee as a potential commodity for value chain promotion for the project area in order to improve the social and economical living conditions of the rural population in Sansay District, evaluating the given conditions, potentialities and key barriers. Furthermore to develop a precise way forward on how to proceed, establish and expand a sustainable and competitive coffee production, achieve certain production standards and acquire certifications to get a better access to the market and to increase value on the producer level. The present work presents an analysis of the current situation and a roadmap how to proceed to achieve this goal.


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GP Chart Demo Atlas


Wikisquare.de bietet Erstellung, Schulungen und individuelle Erweiterungen für digitale Atlanten an.


This atlas consists of onyl one map and one barchart. It is part of the Geopublisher Chart Tutorial.

This atlas may also be downloaded as a Geopublisher working copy. You may change and extend the working copy and export an atlases from it yourself: ChartDemoAtlas_WorkingCopy.zip


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Surveillance of Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Atlas

Publisher: Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Immunologie und Hygiene, University of Cologne

Acinetobacter baumannii is a growing threat in the nosocomial environment. Intrinsically resistant to many antimicrobials and disinfectants, an even greater challenge is the emergence of carbapenem-resistant (CR) isolates. CR is mediated through upregulation of the intrinsic oxacillinase (OXA-51-like), the acquisition of an additional oxacillinase or a metallo-beta-lactamase (MBL). Epidemiological studies have shown the existence of three epidemic A. baumannii European clones, however, their global significance is currently unknown.

This ongoing study aims to investigate carbapenem resistance in a worldwide cohort of Acinetobacter baumannii by:

  • Epidemiological characterisation using rep-PCR and the DiversiLab typing system
  • Screen for carbapenem-resistance associated genes

In autumn 2008 the research results have been published in the form of a digital Atlas using Geopublisher.